What is Volkswagen 4MOTION? | VW's Ultimate All-Wheel Drive System

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Volkswagen 4MOTION Technology



What is 4MOTION?


With the change in weather the need for optimum traction during the winter months becomes imperative. Luckily Volkswagen, has designed a new All-Wheel Drive System called 4MOTION Technology. 4MOTION technology is Volkswagen's proprietary All-Wheel Drive System that intelligently distributes power to individual wheels allowing them to maintain control on less then disirable road surfaces. It does so by anticipating slips in traction and distributing power to the wheels that need it most. That way you can travel safely on wet and slippery surfaces, maintaining speed and traction often without the driver ever noticing.


 A Legendary History


4MOTION All-Wheel Drive System was initially derived from Audi Quatro technology utilized by world famous racer Michelle Muton. Her rally car relied heavily on AWD to ensure maximum grip well accelerating and cornering on a variety of road surfaces. The system worked so well that Volkswagen later integrated a modified version in some of its most popular models such as the CC, Touareg and Tiguan.



Image Of A Volkswagen 4Motion Blue Print

With that said, not only is 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive useful in extreme racing and weather situations, it's also great for everyday driving.


Now you can experience peace of mind like never before, knowing that your vehicle is in control and it can assess road conditions whatever they may be.




Which Vehicles currently offer 4MOTION Technology?


Volkswagen currently offers 4MOTION drive systems in the Tiguan, CC and Touareg as well as the upcoming 2017 Golf All-Track and 2017 Golf SportWagen. How the system operates in each model differs slightly but ultimately the end result is the same. By delivering power to the wheels that need it the most, your vehicle experiences better handling, better control as well as increased safety on all road surfaces. If you'd like to experience 4MOTION technology for yourself be sure to contact our sales team schedule a test drive with our sales team.






4MOTION All-Wheel Drive + Premium Winter Tires = A Winning Combination

As Canadians we know that seasonal travel can be difficult, and without proper winter treads it's easy to be left in the cold. Consider combining a vehicle featuring 4MOTION Technology with premium winter tires for the safest driving experience available. At Yorkdale Volkswagen we have a number of quality brand tires for all seasons and our parts staff can provide expert advice as to which tires are best suited for your vehicle. Further to that our service team can assist with balancing, rotating and installation of new tires. Reach out to our team today and rise above the season's worst elements Yorkdale Volkswagen.